Second Life

We never know what will happen to us tomorrow. Instead of tomorrow, for a few minutes later we were not going to know. People say so.

That’s me, 20, in college and had a beautiful youth, then something big and unexpected comes as a gift from God.

Yes, I do not call anything big that happened in 2010 was a punishment from God. It will not. I even thank God for having remembered me, and it shows that God still very dear to me. I don’t know whether the age “mature” 40, 50, or 60 I could get out of the ordeal.

Precisely in August 2010. An uninvited guest arrived. Small end of the world happened to me and my family. Definitely I, because I live it.

I won’t mention explicitly what kind of trials that God has given me. I just wanted to share that my life now, since September 2010 and who knows how long I can survive is the second chance of God. This is my second life. I should be grateful that my body and soul are still on top of the world and haven’t t buried a few meters underground.

August 2010. Unusual size of the stomach. Stomach is usually enough for my shirt now be printed .. Hmm .. Maybe I ate to much or my weight was raising

August 2010. After moving to Dayeuh Kolot, campus with new buildings, my stomach is very painful. The bottom left near the waist. Very sick and like a sharp knife cut. Suddenly in the morning I could not wake up, sweating all over my body because finding way to get up. Skewed to the left sick, sat, sick, however, still very painful. This incident took place a few days. Some friends say it is’ turun bero “. But I do not know at all what this is.

August 2010. Hermina Hospital, Bandung. Dr. Wahyu. Internist. I went to the Dr. Hermina was accompanied by one of my best friend, Halim. Dr. Says I have to further check because there is something wrong in my abdomen.

September 2010. Soekarno Hatta Airport. I was told to go back to Bukittinggi. My parents would take over everything.

September 2010. Siti Rahma. Padang By Pass. City Scan. Well, there’s something WRONG

September 2010. Same Day. Bunda Hospital. Padang. There’s something wrong and unusual in my abdomen. And immediate action is needed

September 2 2010. Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. Dr. Francis .. Judgment of the BIG END OF THE WORLD

September 4 2010. Seremban. Chinese Medical Centre. Small Resurrection but everything still hazy

September 6 2010. Mahkota Medical Center. Suite 105 A. Dr. Vijaendareh. “You just relax, pray to God, God will heal you. I will do everything I can. You don’t need to worry. “. I replied (without asking my parent) “Operate me this noon, Doctor.”

September 6 2010. Late Afternoon. Operation Theatre Floor 1. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Lahaula walakuwata ilabillahil adzim. My Life and death is in your hand, God.

September 7 2010. MMC. Floor 8. Ward 88B. The eyes are very heavy to open. Many stars in my eyes.

September 10 2010. MMC Floor 8. Ward 88 B. AIDIL FITRI has coming. In this beautiful day God allowed me to eat some food, after 5 days only drunk a water n infusions

September 13 2010. MMC Suite 105 A. Dr. Sevalaraja. A Truly Small apocalypse. Big Girls Cry. Her parents going crazy.

“But you don’t need to worry, Annisa. I believe You’ll through everything. We will see the growth, next month you come again.” Dr. Selva

October 26 2010. I returned to the room with my mother. Blood tests. 2 hours later the results came out. I went back to see a doctor. He told me it’s OKAY! Do not require further action. But I have to come check up at least during 2 – 5 years. Tears spilled all over the room. God is Everything.

March 11 2012, as I write this article. I think I’m ready to write it. 2 years have passed. I always go to Malaysia 1x every 2 months or even more often than that. But thank God, you still gave me a chance to fix everything.

I would like to thank God who has HEALED ME, because he has also sent a doctor remove the illness of my body, My Parents who never cease to maintain, An uncle who was very fond of, even until he died, an uncle who equips a lot of provisions, Grandma and Whole Family, Abdul Halim who always stay with me, take me to the airport, and friends who always keep me Nacile, Icha, Chai, Nganjuk, ALL OF THEM. . Prohibit food that I should not eat, and make sure I can catch anything I want.

Life,, sometimes not always go as we thought. God deciding anything. All things that I can do now is, approaching God, continue living, eating right, and continue to pursue what was always in my head before bed.

Apa yang kamu rasa ketika semua orang sudah berbicara tentang hidup dan nyawamu? 

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