Deep down in my heart,You already know the truth

Dear God,

That is the most suitable tittle for what I’m about to tell you .. my heart, my dream, and my life recently.


You might see from above the sky what happened to me or for the past several month. About my job, but i won’t talk about that this time. I prefer to talk about my heart n life, but you already know, don’t you? I’m just trying to convert it to something like this.. So in the future time, I will remember what I’ve been through.


So, God

I became more vulnerable recently. I’m so shy and that is not me who like to crying. But now, for some case i ended up sweeping my tears. Don’t make this fragile God for very very small thing which not worthy to cry for.


God, when I see those beautiful picture from random people. My heart wishpered “beautiful”, “you want it too”. But somehow, i can feel that “that kind of moment” still far away from me. Long. It might happen to me, but still in the long term. Or will be very difficult storm should I pass.

One thing I could pray to you, Don’t make it hard God. Make it easy, cause you know. I’m not the same person anymore. Now I’m more vulnerable.

For those beautiful pic, those beautiful dream moment, i wish i can feel it too.


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