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Hello Again, December!


Been a while, huh?

When was the last time we met? In 2013 right? Now it’s already at the end of the year 2015, December! Been 2 years.. Time flies, many thing happens, I left Bandung, My Mother got better, I worked like robot in Jakarta, people leave and people come to my life. Okay, I will tell you one by one.. Ahh can’t wait to start writing.


Yap, today is December 1st 2015. Then why I decided to start writing again, I dunno. Somehow right at this moment I wanted to open my my laptop, logging in to wordpress and my fingers just start typing. I don’t know where this will lead. Just let it go..

So, today I got my laptop back to normal. Thanks to a man that prefer to type himself as R. Alright, that’s what he wanted to call. If it was me, I wanted to call by my name : Annisa. Sounds beautiful, huh? lol. Ya, but never mind. People choose their own way to be called, I mean to be whatever they want. I mean, terserahlah … Should I replace your Complete Name in my phone to your initial “R” only? Maybe that’s what you want.


By the way Thanks to you my laptop back to normal, wish it last forever. So i don’t have to bring it back to Mall Ambassador which mean that I will spend my money useless and useless. Cause believe me, in couple of days after they repair my laptop, it’ll getting worse and worst. Or it just my laptop need to bury? And by the new Macbook? *pray to God*

Psst, at Dec 16 i will leave my old office and wish I will get a new BETTER one very very sooonn.. 🙂

Talk to you later!


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