Britney want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!


I’m sure since 8 pm yesterday you were already excited & smiling & running around to wait for the turn at 00 o’clock. Well, I know you’re the most excited about your birthday, feel yourself as a princess syahrini (puke) in order to be greeting by people from all over Indonesia. Yea that’s you. But indeed this April 5 FULLY YOURS.

So Britney would like to say Happy Birthday Biaaaaatttch, Welcome to the Club 23 .. Beware, 25 coming soon! I always wished for the best in life, particularly given the man who can make you happy without having to wait and hope for a long time .. I’m happy to see you after we split up since graduation

Actually I intend to fly 2 days ago to Kuala Lumpur because of health affairs, intend to give you something of the twin towers. But everything was canceled because there are a few things.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY-Only-one-friend-who-have-a-common-vision-in-several-things-in-life: I WISH YOU NOTHING BUT THE BEST, I WISH YOU HEALTH & WEALTH. May this years we can’t reach our dream to touchdown Europe .. But next year is waiting for our arrival!

(Ups.. Seems if I go with you I need Koyo and bring along Mbak2 Pijat)


One thought on “Britney want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!

    Thanks super duper bitch more than me
    The birthday 3 days ago brought me to the memories of us, The Annisa. gilaaaaaaak 4 tahun berturut-turut di surprise-in kalian trus taun ini beda banget đŸ˜¥
    Tenang kalo ke yurop gue beneran bawa asisten pijit kesana. hahahahaa
    once again, thanks bitch :*

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