I think we all love Green Tea Latte


12.40 AM. Yes, somehow in the middle of the night i was thinking to write something unnecessary in this page. Nothing special today, xcept.. hmm… lemme call “unplanned” activities. ( I pass the time while waiting for my phone charging actually, LMAO)

Actually, i wanted to find “hand made” pizza.. I REALLY VERY HIGHLY wanted to eat pizza… Because 1.5 year after surgery i never ever touch that food. So,, this feeling drives me crazy

Well, i call my close friend, Halim and I asked him to lead me to the place where they sell pizza’s. We promise to meet in front of a mall. Unfortunately (yeah!), the rain descended for veryyy long and we couldn’t go anywhere.

Okay, the nearest point of the mall’s front entrance is Stabucks outlets. Then, without being able to stop myself to got in and ordered my favorite menu, Green Tea Latte. For some reason, today’s flavor of tea is very delicious. Unlike the usual days.

After wasting money on something that is unplanned, we went to the movies with background Minangkabau. The film named “Negeri 5 Menara”. The movie is very nice and educational. So, you guys should watch it.

Well, because today was about 1 am, and I know this post are useless, then the next time I promiseu  I’ll write something useful..



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