My Britney

Hold It Against Me – Since Forever version

This morning, as usual after getting out of bed and tidying the house I turned on the laptop to check email, news updates and twitter.

Then I access the site to see updates from my idol. It turned out that was just released several video covers for britney spears new single “Hold It Against Me”

During this time, I do not like to see the video / other versions of songs commonly sung by the original artist. Especially the  beat that was delivered acoustic version. But somehow, at that time I wanted to see one video. And I click on is at the top. Buffering takes a long time. I am a bit bored.

Very hard to say that their version is better and good to hear.

acoustic arrangements are very good, fresh and looks different and gives new color for this song.

From all the existing video cover, I see the most response is this one. There was so much support you.

May this be a starting point you more known, known to the world. 



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