Waiting for Half The Sky

Formerly, I am including people who have hobb ies are reading, in addition to traveling and watching dvd. But now, because the density of activity is rare hobby of reading it I did.

One time, I was watching popular Tv Shows “Oprah Winfrew Show” when it was discussed about a book called Half The Sky. Books written by Nicholas D. Kristof, a journalist from the New York Times and Sheryl WuDuun tells the story of women in various parts of the world about them in their efforts to survive and help their husbands. In book also reveals that progress is not determined by a country’s natural wealth, technological sophistication and the amount of human resources. But is determined by the women in that country.

Sounds like a very inspiring book.

Until now, I have not read the book because it has not sold in my country. I‘ve tried to find in bookstores was unfortunately not yet exist.

Maybe of you who‘ve read it fully and kindly tell me …

with hope,



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