Only English Assignment


Dear Nurul,

Firstly, I want to introduce myself. My complete name is Annisa, please call me Nisa. I’m 18 years old and single. I’m come from Padang, West Sumatera. I’m student in Institute Management of Telkom.

I take Bussines Administration programe and my classroom is A. My father name is Asrial. He is 50 years old, and he works as enterprener. My mother name is Nellyta. She is 48 years old, and she is a teacher. I have got two brothers and no sister.  Their name are Arizal and M. Ikhsan.
I’m live in small but wondeful house. In my room, I have got a computer, bed, and cupboard. My favorite hobby is browsing internet, travelling and watching movie all night long.

I’m interest in business and technology. But I don’t interest in animal and singing. I’m good at science.

That’s all about me. I hope you like to hear my story. I can’t wait to read your reply.

With love,


Listen to Annisa stories. Can you answer these questions?

What’s his surname? Asrial
How old is he? 18 years old

Where’s he from? Padang

What’s the name of his school? Institute Management of Telkom
What class is he in? Bussines Administration A
What’s his father’s name?  Asrial
How old is he? 50 years old
What’s his mother’s name? Nellyta
How old is she? 48 years old
How many brothers and sisters has he got? Two brothers
What are their names? Their names are Arizal and M. Iksan
What’s he interested in? Technology and bussines
What isn’t he interested in? Animal and singing.
What’s he good at? She good at science.
What’s he got in her bedroom? He got a computer, bed, and cupboard


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