Only English Assignment




1. Vocabulary
1. woman 7. divorced 13. wavy 19. green ________________
2. man 8. widowed 14. straight 20. glasses ________________
3. girl 9. hair 15. eyes 21. earrings ________________
4. boy 10. long 16. brown 22. moustache ________________
5. single 11. short 17. blue 23. beard ________________
6. married 12. curly 18. gray 24. side burns ________________

My name is Annisa
I am a girl
I am single
My hair is black and short
My eyes are brown

Exercise 1.1

Put in “am”, “is”, or “are” where necessary
1. It _________is__________ midnight now in London.
2. The room has 3 windows and 2 doors.
3. I ________am_________ get hungry easily. I must eat 5 times a day.
4. The couples ______are__________ happy now that they have a new house to live in.
5. What ______is_________ in your bag? It looks too heavy for you.
6. Where do you live?
7. My name _____is_________ Annie. I ___________ live near here.
8. There ______are______ six different languages in Great Britain and Ireland: English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Manx, and Cornish.
9. Mum _________is_____ sick, she cannot _________________meet you now.
10. Hello, _________is___________ this Anwar?

Exercise 1.2

A. Say whether these sentences are correct or wrong.
1. My professor nice and smiley.

My professor is nice and smiley
2. It very compassionate of you to say so.

It is very compassionate of you to say so
3. My intention clear.

My intention is clear
4. I want a red car, a very red car! This not red.

I want a red car, a very red car! This is not red
5. Babies cute everywhere.

Babies are cute everywhere
6. I here, you there.

I here, you are there
7. We both dark and tall.

We are both dark and tall
8. Charlie a nice guy.

Charlie is a nice guy
9. Flowers fragrant and fragile.

Flowers are fragrant and fragile
10. I like trees. They strong.

I like trees. They are strong
11. Africa a big continent.

Africa is a big continent
12. Mary Ann an active lady.

Mary Ann is an active lady
13. not in fifth grade.

It is not in fifth grade
14. My car blue.

My car is blue
15. They German.

They are German
16. My fiancé very compassionate.

My fiancé is very compassionate
17. There a big tower in London.

There is a big tower in London
18. Half of the people in the world hungry.

Half of the people in the world is hungry

19. Elephants wild animals.

Elephants are wild animals

20. Dentists clean people.

Dentists clean people


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